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The future of healthcare. Transforming lives every day.

Our Mission

Reshape the healthcare landscape and touch lives around the world through collaborative, thought-driven initiatives such as the KELhealth Benefactors Platform.

Our Vision

To create a better world for all, one mission at a time.
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Why and how we started

We like to think of our organization as a social enterprise. What started out as a healthcare-focused start-up in medical aesthetics and beauty concepts quickly paved the way for countless opportunities to give back to society.

We believe that change starts with every individual.

By supporting and assisting our underprivileged counterparts and aspiring communities who believe in our cause, we strive to create an impact through our missions.

  • Building unique medical brands locally and regionally
  • Developing a sustainable feeding system of aesthetic, health and wellness
  • Investing in medical health professionals and innovative projects

Meet The Crew

Kim Lim

Kim Lim

Liz Leong

Elizabeth Leong


Who We Support

Committed individuals and organizations with values aligned with our core principles.
support covid-19 frontline workers
From 2020 to present

Supporting Covid-19 Frontline Workers

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis in Singapore, donations for food and other necessities such as hand sanitizers are run on a weekly basis with KELhealth’s entrepreneurial and voluntary organization to show our support for the frontliners and healthcare workers. Together with Kim Lim, over 10,000 staff from public hospitals in Singapore have received generous donations from Kim Lim and KELhealth.

''I just want to do what I can to cheer the healthcare workers - from the frontliners to the cleaners and security guards - on,'' says Ms Lim. ''I want them to know that everyone is behind them in this fight and that they are appreciated and loved.''

- Quote retrieved from The Business Times

elderly home support
From 2014 to present

Living By Giving

Entrepreneur Kim Lim leveraged on her privileged status to render support to the underprivileged, the needy and the voiceless in Singapore. Holding charitable initiatives for several needy communities in Singapore, Kim and KELhealth’s voluntary organization joined forces to provide food and home essentials, as well as working together with local programmes such as Project HomeWorks to improve the quality of lives for underprivileged Singaporeans.

A pet-lover herself, Kim has helped to raise awareness for the voiceless, lovable animals at animal shelters and is working with organizations such as Pet Lovers Foundation and the Animal Welfare Groups in Singapore to sustain the businesses and create a loving, habitable environment for animals.

Kim has also expanded her efforts to build homes for the needy in Mongolia, and has plans to continue her housing charity overseas beyond Singapore and Mongolia.

mongolia charity event
From 2014 to present

Building Homes For The Needy In Mongolia

Everyone deserves a place to live in and to call home. In 2018, entrepreneur Kim Lim and KELhealth’s voluntary organization set out to Mongolia to build houses or ‘gers’ for the underprivileged. Kim has plans to continue her charity work beyond Mongolia and devote her resources to help children and needy families around the world.

"I want my [son] to grow up and understand the value of paying it forward and care for the people in need. That is a value my dad has instilled in me, and I hope to do the same for my boy."

- Retrieved from The Straits Times

Proud Partners of the Movement

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“We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.”
- Nelson Mandela

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